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Wildflowers and Plants

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach developed a homeopathic form of treatment based on the ideology that sound health begins with emotional balance. Bach formulated 38 flower remedies from wildflowers and plants growing in his own garden at Mount Vernon. Each of the 38 flower remedies has its own focus and unique properties. This allows the flower remedies to be combined in vastly different ways, catering to every need.

However, during the 1930s, Bach realised, during the development process, that he couldn’t produce his flower remedies himself. Therefore, he approached Nelsons, a company with experience in sales that could also handle the production of the flower remedies. Nelsons is a British company specialising in alternative medicine and opened its first homeopathic pharmacy as far back as 1860. Today, Nelsons is one of the UK’s leading producers of homeopathic remedies and one of the longest established in Europe. Ever since Bach contacted Nelsons, they have been selling Bach’s flower remedies worldwide.


At Mezina, we manufacture most of our products ourselves, but we also collaborate with a small exclusive group of foreign suppliers who produce truly unique products – such as Nelson Bach (Rescue Remedy/Bach Flower Remedies).

Over 160 Years of Experience

The flower remedies can be used by the entire family. Original Bach Flower Remedies are also the only brand that originates from Dr. Edward Bach’s gardens at Mount Vernon. So, if you want to ensure you are getting the original remedies when purchasing flower remedies, always look for the Bach signature. With the original Bach Flower Remedies, you are getting quality built on over 160 years of experience. 

In addition to Bach’s original flower remedies, Bach has also developed the original Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of 5 of the 38 original flower remedies. The Rescue range is used by people from all over the world in times of daily challenges

Single Remedies

Bach rescue remedy

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