The heart and circulation are closely related, as the circulation pumps blood around the body – and here the heart acts as the circulation’s pump. A normal heart function (and a normal cholesterol level) is not something to compromise on. It is important to maintain good health.

Cholesterol levels are also part of it, since cholesterol is a fat that is included in all your cells. Cholesterol is necessary for the body, as it is used to produce hormones and vitamin D – and of course to transport fats around the blood through lipoproteins, which are colloquially called “cholesterol” in the blood. However, too high levels of LDL cholesterol in particular are not good for the circulation.

To contribute to normal heart function and a normal cholesterol level, you have the option of taking tablets and vitamins – in addition to having healthy diet and exercise habits. With us, we can offer tablets from our own brand Mezina, which precisely contribute to maintaining a normal level of blood lipids and normal heart function. Take a look around and see if some of our products could fit into your product range.

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Indtast venligst din søgning nedenfor for at søge på varer.