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Mezina's Business Model

At Mezina, we possess an extraordinary knowledge of the raw materials that can contribute to a better and enhanced quality of life. Our setup for new product development is exceptionally efficient, with a flexible, rapid, and adaptable operation. Additionally, we uphold stringent quality procedures in relation to production sourcing. Furthermore, at Mezina, we have a broad international network as we source our raw materials globally. We maintain personal connections with wholesalers and retailers primarily in the Nordic market.

Focus on the Environment

We are working diligently towards reducing our environmental footprint.


In a time of focus on sustainability and recycling, many consumers are seeking alternatives to plastic. Bioplastics and rPET packaging are some of the alternatives we believe in. At Mezina, we place a significant emphasis on sustainability and thus, continually introduce bio-based and recycled packaging made from resources that can grow in fields and renew year after year. Bioplastics are derived from a biomass instead of fossil resources, like oil and natural gas, while rPET is produced from recycled plastic and can be recycled repeatedly.


We draw inspiration from nature, which is full of wonder. For this reason, we have a fundamental goal of achieving harmony between what products our industry should offer and the quality they should possess. At Mezina, we procure raw materials from manufacturers who have demonstrated their willingness and ability to meet all Danish quality and purity requirements. While we produce most of our products under pharmaceutical control, we also collaborate with an exclusive group of suppliers offering uniquely exceptional products.


Since 1983, our mission has been to provide the best products on the market, developed with respect for traditional methods, using plant ingredients, combined with a clear focus on scientific insights and trends. We maintain strict control over the quality of raw materials used in our in-house production and the products selected from other suppliers. Hence, we exclusively collaborate with manufacturers who prioritize top quality.


At Mezina, we believe that keeping up with scientific advancements is as crucial as excelling in marketing and advertising, when it comes to developing and selling innovative products. We continuously monitor new research in the scientific field and incorporate this new knowledge into the development of innovative dietary supplements and natural products. Our central driving force has always been to provide new knowledge and ingredients to our customers as soon as something new emerges in the industry.

Private label

At Mezina, we offer you the opportunity to stand out in the industry through our private label, enabling you to provide health foods and dietary supplements to your customers. Throughout the process, we provide guidance and assistance, ranging from concept development and graphic package design to the selection of unique ingredients and formulations.

It’s entirely up to you to decide where you need advisory and support for your private label. However, one thing is certain: your private label products through Mezina are Danish-developed and feature sustainable packaging in the form of either bioplastics or rPET packaging.


Trust and Respect

Evident in our relationships with customers, partners, and employees. We work towards common goals where trust and respect are the key principles.


Manifests through professional curiosity and the pursuit of new and improved paths. We encourage the willingness for innovation, renewal, and enhancement.

Passion for Quality

Demonstrates itself in products developed with respect for traditional methods using plant ingredients, combined with a clear focus on scientific insights and trends.

Competence and Engagement

Visible in our team of experts who work daily to meet and fulfil the needs of our customers.

In-house marketing

Health and beauty matters are serious concerns for our consumers, making our marketing effectiveness crucial to our business model.

At Mezina, we have an in-house marketing setup capable of mastering all relevant marketing disciplines, including a complete private label concept for potential partners.

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