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Mezina's Business Model

Mezina is a company driven by modern management principles with a familial working environment that stimulates creativity and expertise (Our Story). Simplicity is the key to how we operate at Mezina. We maintain our focus and continuously seek new ways to innovate and enhance processes.

Our business strategy leverages our unique ability to develop innovative health products in the market, thereby offering customers new products and solutions with great efficiency in strong brand packaging.

On this page, we have gathered our entire business model so that as a business owner, you can gain insights into everything from our strategy, vision, and mission to the development of our products and Mezina Ltd. regulations.


Mezina develops and markets health foods, dietary supplements, and natural remedies with the aim of enhancing people’s well-being and overall quality of life. Since 1983, we have pursued the goal of providing the best products on the market, developed with respect for traditional methods utilising plant ingredients, with a clear focus on scientific insights and trends.

We are constantly working to expand our range with the long-term goal of addressing all individual health and beauty-related needs. As part of our strategy, we aim for the essence of our range to consistently reflect our core values, such as quality, as well as our Nordic and value-driven profile.

At Mezina, we believe that staying abreast of scientific advancements and making marketing and advertising integral are absolutely crucial for the development and sale of innovative products. We also believe in building close, long-term relationships with all partners. Therefore, our strategy also encompasses expanding our geographical distribution network to effectively reach more customers, either through our own national sales and marketing companies or through reputable distributors.


Your health has been our priority since 1983. That is as long as Mezina has been one of Denmark’s leading health food suppliers, and we take great pride in that fact. Our passion lies in delivering health foods, dietary supplements, and natural remedies that aid people in achieving better health and an improved quality of life. Nothing less.

We draw inspiration from nature, which is full of magic. Nature offers the most wonderful mushrooms, berries, and plants, each of which can contribute to a better and more harmonious life. For this reason, we have a fundamental goal of harmonising the perception of what products in our industry should offer and the quality they should possess.

Therefore, we manufacture most of our products ourselves, but we also collaborate with an exclusive group of suppliers offering truly unique products. This ultimately provides the best foundation – both for consumers and for us as a health food supplier.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide world-class health foods and dietary supplements to people worldwide. Our vision is to be one of the leading manufacturers and developers in the global market, with our own offices and external distributors. At Mezina, we aspire to be known for producing high-quality brands that can easily adapt to the market.

We firmly believe that the key to success lies in making life better and easier through our products. This applies to both end consumers and our retail partners.

Development of New Products at Mezina

Mezina builds and maintains knowledge and expertise in herbal ingredients and their ability to bring vitality to people. And, of course, this requires a constant finger on the pulse. Therefore, at Mezina, we constantly keep an eye on new research within the scientific field and utilise this new knowledge in the development of innovative dietary supplements, health products, and natural products.

It has always been a central driving force for us to offer new knowledge and new ingredients to our customers as soon as something new emerges in the industry. Furthermore, we maintain strict control over the raw materials we use in our in-house production and the products we select from other suppliers, ensuring high quality. Hence, we exclusively collaborate with manufacturers who prioritise quality above all else.

Mezina’s inspiration for new product ideas stems fundamentally from three perspectives:

  1. The traditional knowledge of plant effects, often tracing back to ancient times and the medieval period.
  2. Consumer studies identifying new needs, desires, and trends that form the basis for creating products that align with modern consumer needs and desires.
  3. New scientific research on herbs and nutrients that can benefit human health.

Unique Insight into the Health Supplement Industry

At Mezina, we procure raw materials from producers who have demonstrated their willingness and ability to adhere to all EU regulations regarding quality and purity. Over the past three decades, we have cultivated relationships with a large number of suppliers, growing close partnerships over the years. This has also provided our employees with opportunities to think innovatively and continuously enhance their skills – to the benefit of our product portfolio.

For many years now we, at Mezina, have participated in various international events that bring together some of the world’s top companies in the health supplement and dietary supplement sectors. This annual exposure grants us unique insights into upcoming trends and opportunities within the health supplement industry. It also provides us with an understanding of the latest discovered benefits of natural food ingredients, as well as familiarity with new qualities, raw material variations, and ongoing improvements – aspects we consider in our process of developing new products.

Sustainable Packaging
Natural Ingredients
Danish-Crafted Products

In-House Marketing with Private Label Concepts

At Mezina, our mission is to inform the world about our health products, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies, and how precisely our products cater to individual needs. All our products are marked with a compelling narrative to ensure consumer loyalty, making our products the consumers’ top choice.

Health and beauty matters are serious concerns for our consumers, which is why our marketing effectiveness is crucial to our business model. At Mezina, we possess an in-house marketing setup capable of overseeing everything from product development, packaging design, and content creation to collaboration throughout the creation of your private label concept.

At Mezina, we firmly believe that driving growth and building brands demands robust engagement with 1) end consumers, 2) retail customers, and 3) healthcare professionals. We collaborate with our retail partners to share expertise and provide customers with the best value, while also educating retail staff to enhance their understanding of our products

Mezina A/S Legislation

Mezina A/S markets two main product groups:

1. Dietary supplements falling under food regulations.

2. Products governed by pharmaceutical legislation.

Moreover, we also have products that fall under cosmetic regulations. Quality control for dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals operates under a common GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system, adapted to meet the requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which is the food authorities’ counterpart to GMP. Additionally, all of Mezina’s raw materials and finished products are received, stored, and dispatched under GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

Most of the regulations we must adhere to are EU legislation in the form of regulations that apply directly across the EU as well as in all EEA (European Economic Area) countries. Thus, the same set of rules applies throughout the Nordic region – Norway, while not an EU member, implements all EU legislation. There are certain areas where common rules have not yet been established, and individual countries might hold slightly different views. Therefore, Mezina’s experts in individual countries are particularly attentive to these areas, when launching and marketing products.

Dietary supplements must be marketed according to general food rules and the specific special regulations that apply to dietary supplements. Dietary supplements must be safe to consume, which is why Mezina A/S stays up to date with safety assessments from entities like EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), which can impact the composition and marketing of Mezina’s products.

Pharmaceuticals must be marketed in accordance with the product summary issued by the Danish Medicines Agency, and any reported suspicions of side effects are handled professionally by Mezina’s QPPV, who is a trained pharmacist.

Furthermore, Mezina A/S is a member of the Nutraceutical Industry association under the Confederation of Danish Industry, where experiences are shared, and collaboration takes place with other major companies in the field.


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