Brand value

Brand Value

The brand value of Mezina has existed since 1983 and is growing day by day as a Scandinavian brand. Mezina is a brand that consumers like, trust, and support – and it has been this way for decades. This is something we are incredibly proud of.

We carefully manage the brand to create a global brand with strong brand values. Our constant innovation keeps our brand top of mind for consumers, and our focus on efficiency builds trust in our brand over time. Our goal is to establish and maintain Mezina as a brand that can sustain for generations.


Trust and Respect

Evident in our relationships with customers, partners, and employees. We work towards common goals where trust and respect are the key principles.


Manifests through professional curiosity and the pursuit of new and improved paths. We encourage the willingness for innovation, renewal, and enhancement.

Passion for Quality

Demonstrates itself in products developed with respect for traditional methods using plant ingredients, combined with a clear focus on scientific insights and trends.

Competence and Engagement

Visible in our team of experts who work daily to meet and fulfil the needs of our customers.

Mezina's Distinctive Name

The story behind the name Mezina goes all the way back to a sunny day when Mezina’s founder, Torben Pedersen, was sitting at a small café overlooking the Strait of Messina, located between the eastern part of Sicily and the southern part of Calabria. The beautiful view and the warm feelings that the moment brought inspired him to name his health food company Mezina

The Daisy and Our Core Values

Since the beginning, the symbol in Mezina’s logo has been a daisy. It has been with us from the start and holds significant meaning and value for Mezina.

The daisy is Denmark’s national flower, and, thus, it symbolises for us that we are a brand closely connected to and in harmony with nature. The wave in the flower also represents the strait that Torben fell in love with back in 1983.

New Visual Identity in 2014

In 2014, after more than 31 years, it was time for a makeover. Therefore, Mezina introduced a new, strong, and dynamic visual identity – including a new logo, website, and the slogan: “Your health – our passion.” The original values from the old logo were preserved, but with a more modern approach. 

The new identity was part of the company’s ongoing development process and played a crucial role in ensuring that the transformation was evident, and Mezina’s brand appeared modern, relevant, and current.

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