Responsibility is sustainability.

At Mezina, we embrace responsibility when it comes to sustainability. And it is not just something we say. We truly believe that every company has a duty to incorporate sustainability into all aspects – even in day-to-day operations. Fundamentally, this is to minimise the environmental footprint as much as possible. However, we also understand that this is a task that takes time and can’t be achieved with the snap of a finger.

Taking sustainable responsibility must begin somewhere, and that’s why at Mezina, we have chosen to actively work on sustainability in three significant areas: sustainable packaging, natural ingredients, and Danish-developed products. You can read much more about all this below.

In addition to working on sustainability in these three areas, at Mezina, we continuously strive to reduce electricity, heating, and water consumption in our facilities. Lastly, but certainly not least, many of our Mezina products proudly bear the “I’m Green” logo, as their packaging is 100% recyclable and made from sugarcane. Sustainable responsibility must start somewhere, and with the above efforts, we contribute to making a positive impact on our planet.

Sustainable packaging

Today, the focus on sustainability and recycling is substantial, and many consumers are seeking alternatives to plastic. At Mezina, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability and believe that rPET packaging and bioplastics are the best alternatives for taking responsibility. Bioplastics are plastic materials derived from biomass rather than fossil resources like oil and natural gas, while rPET is produced from recycled plastic and can be recycled again and again. At Mezina, we continuously introduce bio-based and recycled packaging sourced from resources that can grow in fields and renew year after year – naturally acquired from sustainable sources.

Danish-developed products

At Mezina, we draw inspiration from nature, which is full of magic. For this reason, we have a fundamental goal of aligning the perception of what products in our industry should offer with the quality they should possess. At Mezina, we source raw materials from producers who have demonstrated the willingness and ability to meet all Danish quality and purity regulations. These are producers who take responsibility throughout the entire process. Furthermore, we manufacture most of our products under pharmaceutical control in Denmark. This gives us confidence that the products are produced under proper conditions for, amongst others, our employees.

Natural ingredients

Since 1983, our mission at Mezina has been to offer the market’s finest products. Products developed with respect for traditional methods involving plant ingredients, but always with a clear eye on scientific insights and trends. In fact, we have always used natural ingredients in our products. Additionally, we maintain strict control over the quality of the raw materials we use in our in-house production and the products we select from other suppliers. Therefore, we exclusively collaborate with producers who prioritize top quality.

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