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At Mezina, we retail our own products, and we have been doing so for several decades. We take pride in our brand, which we know consumers like, trust, and support. It is the most valuable and enduring asset a company can possess. Thus, the value of the Mezina brand resides deeply in the consumer’s consciousness.

However, it’s not only our own brand that we retail at Mezina. We also collaborate with the two brands, Bach and Salus Haus, and we have been doing so for many years. We greatly value this partnership and understand that the combined strength of these three brands provides the best possible foundation for consumers.

You can learn more about all three brands and discover the products available in our range below.

Mezina A/S is a 100% Danish-owned company that has prioritized your health since 1983. This is why we have been able to offer dietary supplements and herbal remedies under our own brand for many years.

Ever since our inception, we have been one of Denmark’s largest health food suppliers. At Mezina, we have one fundamental passion, and that is to provide dietary supplements and herbal remedies that assist people in achieving better health and a greater quality of life.

Learn more about Mezina here.

Bach’s history dates back many years – all the way to the 1930s when Dr. Edward Bach developed a homeopathic form of treatment based on the ideology that sound health begins with emotional balance.

Bach formulated 38 flower remedies from wildflowers and plants found in his own garden at Mount Vernon. Each of the 38 flower remedies has its own focus and unique properties. This allows the flower remedies to be combined in vastly different ways, catering to every need. Learn more about Bach here.

Salus Haus is a company that develops supplements and quality products for the entire family.

Salus Haus is particularly special due to their pure, natural ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals.

Since its inception, Salus Haus’ product range has grown significantly, and today their assortment includes tablets, elixirs, and tonics – including their popular iron supplement Floradix® Kräuterblut®. Learn more about Salus here

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