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Your privacy is important to us. We will make sure to keep the trust you deserve during the processing of your personal data. You will find our privacy policy for your personal data below.

1. Data Controller

1.1. This policy of personal data processing (“Privacy Policy”) describes how Mezina (“Mezina”, “us”, “our”, “we”) collect and use information about you.

1.2. Data Controller: Mezina A/S, CVR: 15094532, Energivej 4, DK-6700 Esbjerg, Year of establishment: 1983.

1.3. Privacy policy applies to personal data that you have given us, or that we collect through Mezina’s website at mezina.com (“The Website”)

If you have any questions concerning the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at mail@mezina.com


2. Processing Activities

2.1 Which personal data do we collect and for what purposes?

2.1.1. When you visit the website and accept the current cookie policy, we automatically collect information about you. These information entails what type of browser and search terms you use on the website, your IP-address and information about your computer. The collection occurs to optimise and improve the conversion on the website. If you choose to decline cookies, the website can in some cases not work optimally.

2.1.2. We collect emails addresses and names in relation to our newsletter, which you can voluntarily subscribe to – and you can always unsubscribe again. You can do this by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the electronic newsletter you receive.

The purpose of the newsletter is to send subscribed emails with new information from the company, which may concern new content on the website.

We will only send you emails if you have given your active consent. This initially requires you to provide your email address, to which we will send an email, allowing you to confirm your subscription. This way we ensure that you yourself have subscribed to the newsletter and actively given your consent.
Our legal basis for processing your personal data (i.e., the email address) regarding the newsletter will be Article 6(1)(a) of the Data Protection Regulation.
We will process your personal data if you are still subscribed to the newsletter. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, we will no longer send it. If we haven’t sent you a newsletter for 1 year, your consent will expire due to our inactivity.
Upon unsubscribing from the newsletter, we will retain your previously given consent for 2 years after it was last used, due to statutory limitations as outlined in Section 11.3 of the Consumer Ombudsman’s spam guidelines.

2.2. What is the basis for the collection?
2.2.1. The collection of information as mentioned in section 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 is processed on the grounds of our legitimate interest. The collection is necessary for us to continuously manage our interests in enhancing the features of the website and its development.

3. Job Applications

3.1. We gladly welcome job applications for the purpose of assessing whether they match the employment needs within our company. For more information, you can visit: www.wellvitagroup.com.
If you submit your job application to us via the link above, our legal basis for processing your personal data is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the Data Protection Regulation.
If you have submitted an unsolicited application, we will promptly evaluate whether your application is relevant, and subsequently delete your information if it is not a match.
If you have applied for a posted job, we will discard of your application if you are not hired, or immediately after the right candidate is selected for the position.
If you become part of a recruitment process and/or are hired for the job, we will provide you with separate information on how we process your personal data hereinafter.

4. Use of Data Processors

4.1. We utilise external companies to handle the technical operation of The Website, where, for instance, our suppliers assist us in enhancing the website. Some of these companies act as data processors, operating under our instructions and processing data for which we are data controllers. These data processors solely utilise personal information to fulfil agreements with us and are bound by confidentiality concerning such data. With certain other companies, there is joint data responsibility. This is the case if the company also processes the information for its own purposes. In such an instance, both Mezina and the company share responsibility for your data. This would apply, for example, if you use our Facebook fan page.

5. Disclosure of Personal Data

5.1. We do not disclose your personal data to third parties.

6. Profiling and Automated Decisions

6.1. We do not engage in profiling or automated decision-making.

7. Transfers to Third Countries

7.1. With our processing of your personal data, we may transfer the information to countries outside the EU/EEA. The data protection laws in these countries may be less stringent than those in Denmark and the rest of the EU/EEA, as, in most cases, these will be countries where the EU Commission has determined that the level of data protection is not equivalent to that within the EU/EEA. Transfers to third countries will only occur based on approved basis for transfer such as an adequacy decision, the latest EU SCCs, or BCRs, in accordance with Articles 45, 46, or 47 of the data protection regulation.

8. Data Processing Security

8.1. We maintain the security of processing personal data by implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures.

We have conducted risk assessments of our processing of personal data and subsequently implemented suitable technical and organizational measures to enhance data processing security.

One of our key measures is to keep our employees informed about GDPR through ongoing awareness training, GDPR courses, and by reviewing our GDPR procedures with the staff.

9. Rights of the Data Subjects

In order to provide transparency regarding the processing of your information, we, as the data controller, shall inform you about your rights.

9.1. Right of Access
9.1.1. You are entitled at any time to request information from us about, among other things, the data we have recorded about you, the purpose of the recording, the categories of personal data and recipients of information that may exist, as well as information about the source of the data.

9.1.2. You can inquire the personal data we have recorded about you at any time by contacting us via email: mail@mezina.com.

9.2. Right to Rectification
9.2.1. You have the right to have incorrect personal data about yourself corrected by us. If you become aware of errors in the information, we have recorded about you, you are encouraged to contact us so that the information can be corrected.

9.3. Right to Erasure
9.3.1. In certain cases, you have the right to have all or some of your personal information deleted. To the extent that the processing of your information is necessary to comply with our accounting obligations, we are not obligated to delete your personal information.

9.4. Right to Restriction of Processing for Storage
9.4.1. In certain cases, you have the right to have the processing of your personal information restricted to only include storage.

9.5. Right to Data Portability
9.5.1. In certain cases, you have the right to receive your personal information in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format.

9.6. Right to Object
9.6.1. You have the right at any time to object to our processing of your personal information, which we collect for the purpose of improving features on The Website and its structure, as outlined in section 2.1.1.

9.6.2. If you object to the processing, we are no longer entitled to process your personal information unless we can demonstrate legitimate grounds for continued processing.

9.7. Right to Lodge a Complaint
9.7.1. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority if you are dissatisfied with the way we process your personal information. You can find the contact details of the Data Protection Authority at www.datatilsynet.dk.

We generally encourage you to learn more about GDPR to stay updated on the rules.

10. Personal Data Erasure

10.1. Cookies delete themselves after a certain period of time. You can find more information about this in the cookie declaration, which you can find here. Cookies are renewed after each visit. You will be asked to provide new consent for Mezina to collect information about your use of the website every year. You can always change your consent yourself.

10.2. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, we will delete your email address from our database of newsletter recipients. We keep the documentation of your consent for 3 years after unsubscribing. We do this to subsequently be able to document that our sending of newsletters to you has been legal. The information is deleted at the end of the calendar year, in which the third anniversary of your deletion has occurred.

11. Security

11.1. We have implemented technical and organisational security measures to prevent personal information from being accidentally or unlawfully destroyed, lost, altered, or impaired, and to prevent it from falling into the hands of or misused by unauthorised parties.

1.2. Only employees who have a genuine need to access your personal information to perform their work have access to it.

12. Cookies

12.1. Mezina uses cookies to provide the best user experience on the website. A cookie is a file that is stored in your browser on the device you use and can contain any information the website puts in it.

12.2. The purpose of using cookies on Mezina’s website is to make the site function and optimise it in order to provide the best possible user experience. Using cookies for these purposes allows Mezina to analyse how our visitors use the website.

12.3. If you do not wish to use cookies, you can find settings in your browser to disable cookies completely. If you choose to disable cookies completely, you may experience suboptimal functionality of the website in some cases.

13. Contact Information

13.1. Mezina is the data controller for the personal data collected via The Website or through customer service.

13.2. If you have questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact Mezina at mail@mezina.com.

14. Changes to the Privacy Policy

14.1. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make changes to the Privacy Policy, you will be informed of this during your next visit to The Website.

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